The QUALITYLAV company
synonymous with QUALITY

Qualitylav produces, transforms and markets, on his own and on behalf of third parties, moulded and extruded profiles in rubber, silicone and plastic materials through manual processes and automatic systems, also based on drawings supplied by the Customer.

The flexibility of our company allows us to manage even small batches, in order to satisfy excellently all those customers who make of the small series their strong point.


Our production is particularly accurate and subjected to quality controls respecting the tolerances ISO 3302-1.

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A careful selection of raw materials make our products technical articles of the highest level.


Through collaboration with highly qualified suppliers we obtain only the best of MADE IN ITALY.


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Una presenza mondiale
grazie alla rete vendita

È grazie all'ampia rete di vendita che la presenza QUALITYLAV si espande su tutto il territorio nazionale ed internazionale.

I nostri agenti gestiscono un parco clienti sempre in continua espansione che copre numerose nazionalità europee ed extraeuropee.

Qualitylav ha visto negli anni una continua espansione, confermando l'alto tasso di gradimento dei suoi prodotti in: EUROPA, AMERICA, AFRICA

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