Technical articles in RUBBER, SILICONE, PVC



We produce and market rubber and silicone sheets and mats, to be sold on rolls or die-cut on drawing. Bonding of the sheets with different types of double-sided tape.

Silicone version: the membranes offer a high resistance to the temperature (over 250°C with peaks of 300°C), to the lengthening (over 700%) and to the perforation. Light blue in colour, they are produced in standard widths of 1.700 and 2.000 mm, with one smooth side and one with a "canvas impression", supplied in rolls of variable length. Available in standard thicknesses of 1.5, 2.0 and 3,0 mm. By means of a particular longitudinal jointing process it is possible to obtain membranes with
greater widths.

Natural rubber version: the membranes are used where the operating temperatures of the presses rarely exceed 120°C. Brick red in colour, they are produced in standard widths of 1.550 mm and 2.000 mm with one smooth side and one with a "thin canvas impression" and supplied in rolls of variable length. They are available in thicknesses of 2,3, 3,8 and 5 mm and offer a high resistance to perforation and tear.

AVAILABLE COMPOUNDS: Silicone rubber, natural rubber.

APPLICATION SECTOR: Systems for the stratification of glass, lamination of modules for photovoltaic panels, colour sublimation systems on window frames and aluminium parts, veneering and ennobling of wooden panels, flat lamination under
pressure of sails and nautical fabrics. Water, air (vacuum) and oil presses.

Availability Compounds, Hardnesses, Colours, Sections

Silicone compounds:
Standard (ST); High Temperatures (HT); Self-extinguishing (AE); Low temperatures (LT); High tear resistance (AL); High vapor resistance (VP); Food use (UA); Medical use (ME); Fluorosilicone (FL).

Low hardness: from 30 to 45 Shore A (±5)
Standard: from 50 to 75 Shore A (±5)
High hardness: from 80 to 90 Shore A (±5)

Any RAL colouring;
Fluorescent; Phosphorescent;
In stock: Translucent transparent, Red.

Standard format:
mm 500 x 500 and 600 x 600 (printed)
mm H 1.200/1.400 x L 10.000 (calendered)
Thickness mm 1, 1,5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10+.

Mats 1000 stripes and 100 stripes (also self-extinguishing);

Rice grain mat, diamond plate mat, rubber bubble mat (also self-extinguishing), Torpedone.

Extruded sheets:
Silicon rubber density 0,450 Kg/dm3 – T -20°C ÷ + 180°C
White cream colour:
Size 10,00 Mq – mm H 1.000 x L 10.000:
Variable thickness between mm 2,00 and mm 20,00

Printed sheets canvas imprint:
variable density silicone rubber from 0,400 to 0,800 Kg/dm3
White cream, red, black and grey colours:
Different sizes between mm 2,00 and mm 30,00

SBR, SBR with canvas insertion, SBR with double canvas insertion, white SBR
Natural rubber, natural rubber high tear resistance, natural rubber + SBR;
NBR, NBR Petrol resistant, NBR Food,
Neoprene ® (CR),
EPDM; EPDM high tear resistance;
FKM (fluoroelastomers);
Non-abrasive rubber;
Special compounds for electrical insulation.